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PhD Student Sow BGAS

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PhD Student Sow BGAS


Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BSC under the collaboration agreement with IBM are conducting research and development projects around the “Technology Center for Supercomputing” for providing education for new professionals and for developing common communication, commercial initiatives and marketing partnership in order to create market interest in IBM and BSC technologies.

The Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms research group is looking for a PhD Student to collaborate with research project related with IBM.

The project aims to explore the use of high performance in-memory (some combination of DRAM and/or storage class memory such as flash) databases. Active Storage could dramatically change the way that Supercomputing, BioInformatics research centers and Cloud Providers manage data in the BioInformatics domain, eliminating the bottleneck created by the use flat files to store data and making data pipelining easier; and in the Data Analytics domain, introducing scalable active data repositories accessible locally or remotely. In both cases, new algorithms and approaches to large-scale data management problems will be studied and proposed based on the large all-to-all bandwidth (and corresponding bandwidth to local solid-state storage) available in existing prototypes combined with a very large in-memory storage capacity.

Candidates must be interested in starting a research career and pursuing a PhD degree in the scope of an international team.

Main Responsibilities

·          Support to the development of the project

·          Identify suitable workloads for use on BGAS platform

·          Study the opportunities to perform data-prefetching and data-driven workflow orchestration on the selected workloads

·          Test the functional correctness of the workflows ported on a BGAS prototype

·          Test the scalability of the workflows ported on a BGAS prototype

Desirable Skill Specifications

·          Excellent computing skills in high level computer languages (especially Java and C++ and Web Technologies) and experience with UNIX/LINUX environments and scripting languages

·          Strong Knowledge of Network Protocols and High Performance Networks (Infiniband, RDMA)

·          Strong Knowledge of Memcached or similar Key/Value stores

·          Strong Knowledge of BioInformatics and/or Data Analytics domains

·          Knowledge of NoSQL databases

·          Fluency in English essential

·          Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·          Ability to take initiative, prioritize and work under set deadlines and pressure

·          Ability to work independently and in a team

Qualifications & Experience

·          Having a M.Sc Degree in Computer Sciences, Telecommunications or related discipline

·          Capacity to interact and build strong relations with a diverse members/stakeholder/staff base.

·          Willing to travel (mandatory)

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