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Microsoft research grants

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Microsoft research grants


Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BSC under the collaboration agreement with Microsoft Research are conducting research and development projects in the area of new multicore architectures and Cluster systems in order to work together to foster an environment where industrial, academic, and research personnel can collaborate to use state of the art computational systems and technologies in support of such research projects.

We are opening 2 Research Grants Positions to work on the characterization and simulation of MapReduce environments. The position will be located at BSC within the Computer Science department. The grant will have an initial length of 6 months, which may be extended base on the performance of the candidates and the results of the project. The project will be a joint effort with a team of researchers from Microsoft Redmond. The project may also fit the work of a Master Thesis. Candidates must be interested in starting a research career in the scope of an international team.

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