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The technologies created by the Transducens group during the development of interNOSTRUM and Traductor Universia led to the development of Apertium, an open-source code machine translation developed by the Transducens group with the initial idea that it would work with similar language pairs such as Catalan–Spanish, but which is currently being adapted to language pairs which are not so similar, such as English and Catalan. It acts as an automatic superficial transfer translating system which may achieve translating speeds of tens of thousands of words per second. Transducens has also created linguistic data for Apertium for the following language pairs: Catalan-Spanish, Portuguese-Spanish Gallego-Spanish, English-Catalan, Occitane-Catalan, French-Catalan, all in the both directions in translating terms. The source code for the Apertium programmes and linguistic data may be freely discharged for the Project website with open licences (General Public Licence, Creative Commons Licence). Apertium is designed to facilitate the adaptation to private uses or to new language pairs.

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Information Technology Application in Social Welfare Home Care

Definition of communications architecture for wireless devices with a central control, for monitoring, distributed diagnosis and health care in the home. Developed on the basis of ZigBee wireless technology and implemented with various sensory devices.

PET brain image processing application in ECAT format
Application based on free code C language libraries from the Turku PET Centre in Finland. The libraries offer access to image data and the application carries out the image normalisation process on the basis of a reference. This normalisation process consists of segmenting the images (of the cerebral mass and the outline of the cerebral mass) centring of the brain in the centre of the image, scaling the size of the brain according to a standard brain and rotating the brain in the image the requisite degrees in order to place it at the same inclination as the reference image.

Open code visual environment for the creation and modification of syntactical analysis trees. Arboratrix is an extremely useful tool for creating a body of an annotated body with syntactical information and it may also be of interest to linguistics researchers or teachers.


Open code visual environment (independent of the platform, written in Java) which enables the user to graphically align a text in a language and the equivalents in another language and obtain a translation memory which may be used in machine translation programmes.

Desambiguity of the meaning of words

This application uses the specificity marks method for processing disambiguity texts. On the basis of a text written in natural language the disambiguator recognises the appropriate meaning for each of the words and returns the text with the associated meaning label according to WordNet.

Cooperative diagnosis:

Cooperative Web environment in which a specialist is able to obtain a medical diagnosis based on a series of medical examinations carried out on a patient. The system collects data on the examination and sends them to different human diagnosis entities (other specialists) and artificial entities (expert diagnosis systems) in order to obtain different points of view. Finally, all the responses of all the entities are grouped in a single diagnosis which enables the specialist to obtain a greater degree of certainty on their decision.


Software for adquisition and reconstruction of shoe last geometry using a 3D laser digitizer.


Heels design and manufacturing computer aided system

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Software for adquisition and reconstruction of foot geometry using a 3D laser digitizer, to find the best shoe last to this foot.

Forma 3D

Shoe last design and manufacturing computer aided system


High availability management system able to manage, configure, recover or reinstall any network equipment in a proactive and automatic manner, irrespective of its architecture, operational system or location.


Machine translation for Catalan–Spanish and Spanish–Catalan texts (with support for the Valencian variation used in the universities) which may translate thousands of words per second and is used daily by hundreds of users. interNOSTRUM was developed by Transducens with the collaboration of CAM and, although the code is not open, the system may be used freely online. interNOSTRUM is able to translate documents and websites.


Artificial Vision Library in Java. Programming tool for image processing, artificial vision, and pattern recognition. Handling of image types with geometric data, sequences, etc. Wide range of functionalities are implemented.

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University of Alicante geographical locator

Consultation system based on geographical data in natural language. The database stores information on the University of Alicante, specifically on buildings, careers and departments. This information is based on coordinates in which each location is found, coordinates referring to an aerial photo of the University on which the requested zone will be framed.

Lucentia BI Suite

Lucentia BI Suite is a tool developed by Group for Business Intelligence Applications Development. This tool is composed by a set of Eclipse plugins that allow us the design of each one part of a business intelligence application in a integrate enviorment.

Lucentia BI Suite implemets an hybrid model driven developing process that take in mind the user's requirements and also the operational data sources in the main data warehouse development whose give support to the rest of the system: OLAP tools, data mining, ETL processes, etc.

Lucentia BI Suite allows developers design a data warehouse that finally could be implemnted using the final user prefered applications. Our tool support the more extended analysis tools (sucha as Oracle and IBM BI suites, Microsoft Analysis Services, Business Objects, Microstrategy, Cognos PowerPlay, Pentaho, etc.) because we are able to generate code and implementations in order to make possible for these tools populate and analyse the data structures generated.

See  demo video

Multilingual Extended WordNet

Linguistic resource for consulting an extended version of the WordNet knowledge base in different languages (English, Spanish, Valencian and Basque). This resource has wordnet synset glosses labelled semantically and linked in various languages.


Group of open-source code tools which enable text to be annotated in a specific language with marks which assist their speakers or students to read them correctly out loud. Orthoepikon generalises SAÓ system programmes (also developed by Transducens) so that they may be applied to other languages apart from Valencian. It includes pilot data for Valencia and data examples for French.

Packing optimisation programme

Programme developed to select the smaller container of a list for fitting three dimensional N objects of a given size. It also indicates how objects should be placed.


Integrated digital signature system for telematic processing of projects.


A group of interfaces developed in a high level Python language, for the group of ACTS libraries. Said interfaces enable non-expert users of high performance computing and parallelism to use tools included in ACTS in a simple and transparent way, concealing details of parallelism and without any considerable penalisation in respect of computational performance.


 A High-Level Interface to the Parallel Model Reduction Library PLiCMR.

Rational Rose Addin

We have developed a complement (addin) for use of our approach to development in Rational Rose 2003. Thus, instead of using our own tool, we have extended a popular CASE tool available in the market, such as Rational Rose. Thus, we believe that our contribution can reach more people.

The plug-in developed allows us to use our approach to multidimensional modeling in Rational Rose. Therefore, we can use this tool to easily perform conceptual MD models. In the figure below, we can see a screenshot from Rational Rose showing the definition of the mechanical dimension. Some comments have been added to the screenshot in order to observe some important elements: the hierarchical structure of our proposal, the newly added buttons to Rational Rose, stereotyped attributes, and different ways to show a stereotype (Icon, Decoration and Label).

Rational Rose Addin
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Information retrieval

An information retrieval system which, based on a specific entry, albeit complete sentences in natural language or either a group of key words, obtains an ordered list of products according to the relevance of each in respect of the consultation. It uses as a source 423 documents in English which contain various news items from the Times newspaper.


System providing assistance for reading Valencian out loud devised jointly by the Transducens group and the “Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua”. The SAÓ programme annotates Valencian texts indicating, by means of easily interpreted marks, the correct pronunciation of some difficult words (either because the pronunciation is not clear from the spelling or as a result of common reading errors in persons who do not speak Valencian well). The programme can be accessed online and may be used for communicative purposes or for teaching Valencian.


Shoe pattern design and manufacturing computer aided system

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System that assists in making the decision on the diagnosis of melanoma
Graphic application for diagnosis of skin lesions. The system is based on a capture or a series of captures of the lesion and provides a decision on its type classification as a benign lesion or a melanoma. The diagnosis may be made by various automatic entities in order to increase reliability of the final decision, obtaining in each case a value of the degree of confidence in the classification made. This information could be used by a dermatologist as a second opinion for use as a complement and/or to compare their decision. In addition, a modular work environment is provided which extends to diagnosis of any other pathology which may be diagnosed on the basis of one or various images, such as pressure sores, psoriasis, wound scarring, burns etc. This environment comprises a MySQL database, in which we store the system training samples; a module for selecting characteristics to be used for classification; and a training and validation subsystem for the various automatic diagnostic entities. The application has been increased by C# and is available for the following platforms: MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X y UNIX.
Brain dementia diagnosis system based on PET brain images

The system is related to the application of processing PET brain images, following normalisation of the images they are compiled and transformed into an ASCII. file. The file serves to supply artificial neuronal networks, namely SOM, LVQ and Multilayer Perceptron. The role of the networks is to analyse the characteristics and provide a determination of assistance in diagnosing dementia.

Clinical history management system

Visual environment for management of clinical histories and consultation agenda for a health centre. It incorporates characteristics of ubiquitous use by permitting accessibility to the system through Internet through  Web technology.


Translates midi standard text files


Programme with an open-source code which segments and automatically aligns an HTML text in a language and the equivalent in another language and obtains a translation report which may be used directly in a computer assisted translation programme.

Traductor Universia

Machine translation based on interNOSTRUM technology (also developed by the Transducens group) which permits translation from Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa. This translator was developed by Transducens for the Universia network and is currently a closed commercial product.


Development and automatic generation of web applications directed by models.


Network device which provides a service for the remote connection of equipment from the Internet. This device is extremely small and provides this service, without any need for maintenance, by simply connecting to our computer network, either at home or in the office.


Information extraction system of purchase deeds. The information extraction systems are based on a collection of texts belonging to the same domain and which contain information considered relevant for the application. The main aim of these systems is to locate specific information in the texts in order to enter it in a database which we are then able to consult. Thus unstructured information is transformed into structured information.

3D Robot Vision Database

Repository of 3D scenes with solutions deriving from the application of Entropy Minimization SLAM in a large number of experimental cases. Portable S3D format. Visualisation Software and repository of related research articles.

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