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Summer course "Information, Communication and Control Technologies (TICC) for the promotion of personal autonomy"

July 20, 2009 - July 24, 2009 · Course · University of Alicante

Coordinator: Francisco Flórez Revuelta

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The situation of today's society with an aging population and the recognized rights of people with functional diversity, call for new services. This situation is accompanied by an advance in information , communications and control technologies (TICC). Therefore, the application of these technologies to promote independent living and aging as long as possible is very important. The introduction of telephony and mobile computing, internet and new systems of human-computer interaction is enabling the development of intelligent environments that enable the assistance in the daily lives of these people.

This is a multidisciplinary area, involving experts in information, communications and control technologies, health sciences, social work, occupational therapy ... However, there is no related specific training in any university course. Therefore, it is intended that this course will complement the training of each of these groups.

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